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Key features

Higher Education from Cambridge University Press offers the highest quality content and resources for leading authors to instructors and students, supporting successful teaching and learning journeys in today’s rapidly changing educational environment.

Our textbooks cover many subjects across Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine and Nursing, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences. In order to keep you up to date with the latest and forthcoming developments this page will be updated regularly with important changes and information.

Coming Soon

Below you will see a list of new features planned for the Higher Education from Cambridge University Press website. This list is not exhaustive and may change based on feedback.

  • LMS integration for Blackboard to allow direct linking to books from inside an LMS

  • Specific chapter pages containing information including key words and chapter descriptions

  • Text-to-speech feature on Cambridge Spiral

  • Mobile view updates across the website

Latest Updates

Below you will see a list latest key features released on the Higher Education from Cambridge University Press website. 

  • Digital examination copies delivered through Cambridge Spiral. More information is available on examination copy requests.

  • LMS integration is now available for Moodle and Canvas. More information is available on LMS integration.

  • Additional Accessibility improvements have been made to the online Cambridge Spiral eReader.

  • Scrolling speed settings are now adjustable in the online Cambridge Spiral eReader via the 'cog' settings menu. The desktop applications will be updated in the near future.

  • Print eCommerce is now available for individuals in the UK and Europe (rest of the world to follow)

  • Permalinks/Deep links for instructors and librarians to use in syllabi or reading lists. More information is available on deep linking.

  • Download an informational flyer in PDF format on each textbook from the overview page

  • Group Annotations now available in Cambridge Spiral for instructors to share their annotations with students via a 'group code'. More information is available on group annotations.

  • Examination copy requests now support an optional delivery address

  • Predictive search using title or author name is now available on the main search on homepage

  • Revised Table of Contents on book pages

    • Collapsed view for easy reviewing

    • Read online shortcuts in collapsed view when access is available

    • Expand/Collapse individual or all chapters

  • Automated title list available in Instructor and Librarian menus

  • Order history page is available for electronic ecommerce orders

  • Share subjects via social media/email/links has been added to subject pages

  • RSS feeds now available for subjects

You can provide feedback to us about the site by emailing us.