About us

Cambridge Partnership for Education works with ministries of education and international development organisations to improve the quality of education systems – so everyone has the skills they need to achieve their goals and find their place in the society.

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We are a department of Cambridge University Press & Assessment and part of the University of Cambridge. Our mission is to transform societies through education; drawing on the knowledge, research and networks from across the university and our 50 offices around the world.

Why Cambridge?

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A team dedicated to working in the education reform sector


Direct access to the University of Cambridge knowledge, research and networks


Decades of experience in developing education from every angle

Our people

We are a cohort of experts who are committed to delivering excellence for our clients. With global experience across a variety of issues and local contexts, we are united in our passion to deliver sustainable solutions, helping learners flourish and societies grow.

Measuring our impact

Measuring the impact of our work enables us to make an even bigger difference to the stakeholders and communities we work for and puts us in a stronger position to share success stories and lessons learnt for the benefit of society.
We measure the effectiveness of our solutions using the Cambridge Partnership for Education Impact Framework.

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