Assessment design and development

Assessments are most effective when they are carefully integrated into education systems and closely aligned with the curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment: assessments must be designed in such a way that they meet the objectives of education systems, and support and reinforce that system’s curriculum, teaching and learning. We can use our world-class expertise in assessment to review and improve your existing assessments, or to design and support implementation and delivery of completely new assessment systems.

What we offer

We use a sound research-based approach to review, design and deliver assessment, based on our guiding assessment principles. We have wide ranging expertise in the theory and practice of assessment, school examinations, curriculum agnostic assessment, standardised tests, adaptive testing, classroom and continual assessment, on-screen assessment.

When reviewing your assessment options, our starting point is always to make sure we understand the aims and context of your education system, and limitation that might exist. We take into consideration any logistical challenges such as financial resources and infrastructure to make clear and practical recommendations to help you decide what is the best approach for your own context.

Once all these factors have been considered, we work with you to plan any new assessments and implement any recommended changes, whether they are across the whole education system, or at one particular level or for one particular aspect – for example, how assessment should be marked and the results reported, or how assessment can be used as a diagnostic tool for schools and teacher improvement.

We can support the design, development, and implementation of the full range of educational assessments, including: 

  • diagnostic assessment 
  • end-of-stage, including high-stakes, assessment
  • regular assessment to inform teaching and learning

Key benefits for you



We have world-class assessment expertise from all over the world built over 150 years


Aligned to you

Assessment aligned to your unique context, aims and wider objectives

Progress Line

Capacity development

Developing capacity by transferring our expert knowledge and skills adapted to your context

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