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CogBooks Adaptive Courseware

Our affordable, effective digital course solutions adapt to support every learner. With flexible, ready-made courses and custom creation options, instructors will have the tools to improve student engagement, measure progress and increase success.

View a self-guided tour of our courseware to see how it works.

What is CogBooks?

CogBooks adaptive courseware is a digital course solution that contains all the instructional materials, homework, video, interactive exercises and formative assessments for a course, which can be seamlessly integrated into an existing LMS.

Our affordable courseware helps you to:

  • encourage independent learning with engaging learning activities that automatically adapt to each student’s actual level of understanding

  • address the needs of differently prepared students by providing support and background content when necessary

  • tailor your course to your curriculum through our extensive customization options

  • quickly gauge student understanding using simple tools for recording grades and measuring progress in real time

  • spend less time reteaching the basics and more energy teaching the way you want.

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This video provides an overview of how our courseware can help you increase engagement and student success.

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CogBooks has a proven track record. For example, in a consecutive four-year study, the Introduction to Biology for Non-Majors courseware led to a 90% reduction in student dropout and a 24% increase in student success at Arizona State University. CogBooks not only makes a huge difference to the learning experience of your students but also makes teaching a lot more rewarding – you will be able to help students where they most need it.

Off-the-shelf courseware

CogBooks courseware is available off the shelf in a number of areas including physics, life science, psychology and history. This courseware is ready to use, with all the content you and your students need for a successful online course. You can also customize your course content to reflect the way you teach.

Partner with us

Don't see a course that fits? We make it easy to develop a digital course solution for your curriculum.

  • You choose a custom combination of your own personally developed resources, OER material or Cambridge content to include in your courseware.

  • We partner with you to design one or more courses with multiple learning paths and supportive content that adapts to each student.

  • Once your course is live, you can get real-time insights, and we can make revisions based on feedback or content updates.

Find out more about partnering with Cambridge, or contact us to discuss your course needs.

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