Diversity and inclusion

Balls forming a shield pattern.

Equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging

We value people for who they are, and are committed to equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Our customers are at the heart of all we do.

As a global organisation serving customers and representing colleagues all over the world, equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging, in all their forms, are essential to our future success.


Our culture is flexible, inclusive and creative, encouraging colleagues to develop their full potential. Our aim is for colleagues to have equal chances to grow, learn and advance, creating an environment where everyone thrives and feels a sense of belonging.

We have well-established colleague networks celebrating and advocating for valuing diversity, inclusion and belonging. These networks have built a sense of community and the opportunity to connect globally with like-minded colleagues, whose voices and experiences help inform our strategy, policies, product development, marketing and client relationships.

Our values steer and direct our work, and our relationships with our stakeholders around the globe help to hold our culture and behaviours to account.

We recognise that we can do more and are continually looking to improve our approach to equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging. 

UN Global Compact

We are proud signatories to the United Nations Global Compact, which supports global goals such as protecting human rights and reducing gender inequalities.

Diversity in our products and services

Our influencial products and services present a unique, powerful opportunity to create positive change. For example, our open-access race and power collection, updated quarterly, brings together academic book chapters and journal articles about the deep historical roots of racism and the different forms it takes around the world.

Employee networks

Our employee networks have a long-standing role supporting and advocating for our colleagues. Together, we are furthering our ambitions for equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging. The networks are run by committees of volunteers.

Our women in leadership network organised global events for International Women's Day 2022

Pursuing potential

Our colleagues are a united, vibrant and respectful community of people who are empowered to try new things, innovate and develop in their own way.

Gender pay gap

We publish information about pay and our plans to address any pay differences between genders. Our information is gathered and published by the University of Cambridge.