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Cambridge University Press is proud to publish many of the world's leading journals across a wide range of subject areas in the humanities, social sciences and STM fields. We currently publish more than 360 peer-reviewed academic journals.

The Press's engagement with journal publishing began through printing arrangements formed with learned societies in the 1870s. We launched our first journal, The Journal of Hygiene, in 1901 (still published today as Epidemiology and Infection). Nearly 150 years of experience in journal publishing stands behind us, serving an ever expanding and diversifying audience of scholars.

As well as being committed to the highest possible quality in our publications, we are equally committed to the level of service that we provide to each of our authors.

In line with our commitment to the dissemination of knowledge in all subjects, the Press provides authors with a full range of support for rapid publication of their research to the widest possible audience in our range of journals.

What to expect

If you become an author with Cambridge University Press, you can look forward to:

  • Guidance every step of the way, with rich resources available to help you before, during and after publication.
  • An efficient peer-review and production process, with many journals offering reduced turnaround times through FirstView online publication.
  • Attention to detail, both in print and online, and support through personal contact with your Cambridge production editor.
  • Publication on the new Cambridge Core platform, which has been developed to make sure online articles are easily discovered, accessed, read and cited by a broad range of researchers.
  • Support for data archiving and options in most journals to publish multimedia supplementary material, including audio and video content, as well as images in full colour online. A PDF version of your article delivered to the corresponding author on publication.
  • A variety of Open Access options that ensure full compliance with funding mandates in a constantly evolving environment.
  • Support to promote and measure the impact of your article after publication, including a suite of promotional guides, access to Kudos and Altmetric tracking.

The information on these pages is designed to take you through the process of authoring an article for a Cambridge journal, from preparing your paper to maximising its impact after publication.