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Access Options

Accessing online content

You can read books online using the read-only version of Cambridge Spiral. This will give you the ability to read the book, but not access features such as annotations, bookmarking or offline reading via a mobile or desktop computer. If you wish to access these advanced features, you will need to create a user account and log in, which you can do by following the links on the site’s registration page. You can learn all about the two different versions of Cambridge Spiral by viewing our eReader experience comparison page.

Your institution will still need to have access to our textbook content in order for you to read them. You should contact your library or library services for more information.

I want to buy a print book or an eBook for myself

Digital textbook access can be purchased via the website. Browse to the book you wish to buy to see purchase options. Access is provided via our web, desktop and mobile Cambridge Spiral eReader.

Print e-commerce is currently only available for the UK and Europe (exclusions apply) on the Higher Education from Cambridge University Press website at this moment. For other regions, you can purchase print books as well as other formats of eBooks from the Academic Books pages.